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GSC Stage 5 Power Package  Now it is time to cool down that intake charge. at this point you should safley be in the 340whp at 21psi. but its time to make that power last longer. this will involve cooling down the intake charge and upgrading the intercooler, piping, and of course Air Intake. You might ask why do i need to upgrade the Intake? well no one offers a piping kit that will work so we have to go to something different now. We use the Turbo XS Front Mount Intercooler on every car we build! why? for one the size is perfect the fitment is perfect, and of course this is the best looking IC on the market!We use a XS enginneering Hard Pipe kit to accompany the Turbo XS Intercooler. and of course the Power-Division Mini Battery Kit and Oddessy Battery. As far as the intake goes we move to an Adapter plate and 4.5 inch cone filter. this setup will work on all EVO's VIII and IX.

Weight35.00 lbs
Price: $1,038.89


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