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GSC Stage 1 Power Package  If you’re reading this you are either comparing what you have already done to your Evo or what you are thinking about doing to your Stock Evo. Everyone should note that even though we have selected some of our favorite name brand parts substituting is fine.First of all we start with the Air Filter the stock air filter in pretty restrictive and we have found great gains from a simple K&N drop in filter. Using the K&N drop in filter you will not have to worry about any type of check engine light that are found with some of the aftermarket air intake kits sold. Your idle will also be smooth as it is stock. The biggest gain in any turbo car is freeing up the exhaust system. This is the main ingredient in tuning your turbo car. From the cams to the catback exhaust this will always be your largest gain. For the stage one package we suggest a test pipe, catback exhaust system, and down pipe. The best plan is to run a full 3” setup. This is where you can choose from a number for different options. We have found that the Perrin Turbo back system provides the best way to get the job done. If you’re looking for a quiet exhaust that won’t wake up the neighbors then we suggest using this exhaust. This exhaust System has the best Fitment of any we have seen. front the downpipe to the cat back it is one of the most well designed systems out there. While it is still louder than stock it is not nearly as loud as the greddy Ti or other N1 Style Exhausts.

Weight80.00 lbs
Price: $1,141.73

EVO Model

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