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Suspension Daily Driver Package  Hotchkis Springs and Hotchkis Read Sway barUsing the Hotchkis TVS kit will greatly reduce body roll and give your EVO the best looking stance of any of the spring available. Hotchkis goes one step further than most of the other spring companies by actually dynoing the stock EVO Shocks to see what spring rate they can handle. Hotchkis found that the stock springs in the rear of the car are actually too stiff for the amount of dampening on the stock shocks, their for the Hotchkis springs lower the rear spring rate and raise the front spring rate. By doing this Hotchkis was able to improve ride quality and increase handling of the EVO 8. Once the springs are installed you will notice that the EVO 8 no longer has a bouncy ride on interstates. When used in conjunction with the Hotchkis Springs the Hotchkis Rear Sway bar will almost eliminate under steer in the EVO. Only under extreme track driving will the car under steer and it will be easily maintainable. The Hotchkis Bar is also hollow so there is no weight increase over the stock unit. Alignment Specs This is a good Daily driver alignment it wont kill your tires, but still has enough to push the car to over steer. As long as its an 05+ or has a LSDFrontToe: 0-.05 toe outCamber: Maxed out the camber on the front should be close to -2RearToe: .25 total toe inCamber: -1.15

Weight32.00 lbs
Price: $369.00


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